Do I belong here??

On an especially tiring Thursday evening on the way home, while I was walking silently towards auto stand under the sky lit with a crescent moon, I suddenly noticed the aroma of cardamom-ginger tea drifting towards me. It was both surprising and weird.

What here is supposed to smell like tea?
Curious, I began searching for source and soon discovered that nested in the corner of the street was a small dirty stall that sold the much-hyped ‘Ela-chi Chai’.

The scent didn't bothered me much. It felt too out of place in that setting.

“Oh, you simplistic piece of beauty, you don't belong here. You belong to cups in the homes of lonely hearts who have won and lost. You belong to the 2 am desk of a writer who is tired to organize his thoughts. You belong to the blank head of a helpless student how he'll get through next semester alive. You belong to the dark evenings of memories and nostalgia. You belong to stained tables and unending conversation of friends. But however hard they try, you'll never belong here, where smoke and soot tarnish your beauty; where waiting gives people headaches; and where it takes courage to say midst the busy travellers,” I thought.

Why does everything and everyone seem out of place these days?

Why everything beautiful come from all wrong places?

“Good Morning” doesn't belong to the radios or TV.
It belong to the voices of your friends who trust each other.

“Thank You” doesn't belong to the ATMs.
It belong to the eyes of a child whose father just gifted him a toy he always wanted from the store across the street.

“Welcome” doesn't belong on doormats.
It belongs to the arms of a long lost friend when you bump into him.

“Kisses” doesn't belong to the emoji's  on your phone screen.
They belong to the aftermath confessions and secrets under starry skies.
They belong to the cheeks of the innocent kind with a cute smile.

“The scent of roses” doesn't belong to overpriced hand wash's  or rolls of tissue paper.
It belongs to the old letters and open gardens.

Nothing I see belong where I see it...

Or is it that I don't belong here anymore?
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  1. Now that's what I always wanted to read. Hope u listen to my request of writing a piece of fiction soon. It was a great opportunity to get to read ur 8th masterpiece.

    Looking forward to read the 9th.. Hope that comes out to be a fictional work (Reader's Request)

  2. Beautifully written, masha'allah.

  3. Nice bro����

  4. Very insightful article. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Very nice, I like it thanks for the insight! Many Thanks, Cat.


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