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Night Owl

Yesterday, I realized something a kid who was a early lark long back is now a night owl.
And below are some words from my pad, which I wrote burning the midnight oil..

Long before, I guess I was not a night owl. I was just a kid then.. I guess 10 pm was the time enter the world of dreams.. We had to have our dinner by 8 pm then.. And we all were ready to sleep. Before sleep me and my younger brother used to quarrel to sleep over the window side. Yeah window side… Actually our bed was placed near the window, we used to quarrel to gaze on  the stars and sleep listening the stories told by our lovely Ammu and Baabu.. And those are the days I  really miss the most.. By the way Thank to Almighty, TECHNOLOGIES DIDN’T RULE OUR CHILDHOOD…….. But, Today technology took over everything in our lives.. and as a result most of us became a night owl. I often skip breakfast, and  always rush in the morning. And I became a regular one who burns the midnight oil.. Tough thanks to technology I became night owl who …

The Timer Challenge

Whenever I sit down to write something I get totally stuck at a point.
It is really hard to think of what to write about.
So, this time I took a challenge: The Timer Challenge.  The challenge was to set down to your timer for five minutes and just write.
This time I finally succeeded to write, as I was not worried of making any sense in my words or being perfect. I realized penning something that makes sense and making it perfect leads me to procrastination. I realized real problem comes in when I don’t even want to write because making perfect is too daunting.
The challenge resulted into a little piece of writing on the random thing that gives me hope and inspiration.  It’s about the thing that shines in the vast sky: Stars. And the here is the piece of writing.

I hope to shine like a star in the sky,
 through the times full of darkness.
I know I have to travel afar,
No matter what, pushed or stepped,
as like stars don’t shatter in thunderstorms,  they fight against the roaring and …


"Tomorrow" : a mystical word which is stored with motivation and achievement.
Sadly tomorrow always turns into today and, well we all know that nothing is going to get done today. Maybe tomorrow.

Tomorrow, some people may come into my life and I will know right away that they were meant to be there, they may serve some sort of purpose, teach me a lesson or help figure out who I am
and who I want to become. I never know who these people may be:
my neighbor, a child, long lost friend, lover, or even a complete stranger whom, when I will lock eyes with them, I will know at that very moment that they will affect my life in some profound way. And tomorrow  things  may happen to me which may seem painful and unfair at that point of time, but in reflection I may realize that without overcoming those obstacles I would have never realized my potential strength and will power.

Tomorrow, I may realise that
all  that occur are to test the limits of my soul.I may realise that without t…

We are all broken

We are all broken.
It's true, we all are. At times a little chipped and at others smashed with only hope and superglue to save us.

We all have that secret side which is weak, scared, bruised and imprisoned. We all know that, no matter how hard we try to pretend to be normal, we are insane in our own sweet little ways.

We all are wildflowers, yet we tend to be rose, all proper and sober.

We have thousands of voices whisphering in our heads all the time. We fall silently and rise up secretly.

We pretend to be happy but we are crazy and foolish, absurd and weird, ridiculous in our own ways beyond imagination.

We are all humans with numerous flaws and countless imperfections but we are the one who have within them the gift of magic.

Crunching numbers, scribbling drawings, blabbering words,  reading the atrocious, dancing the craziest, singing the broken songs, precisely make us human.

We cry ourselves to sleep for the fact we are weird and insane but have we ever realised we are insa…


Struggle, because nothing worth having comes easy. It’s the struggle that makes us appreciate the beauty of an achievement, pride in a possession. Because things are not easy, they never were, they never will be.

Each one of us is struggling, though with vivid variations.
A five month old struggles to get that blanket off his  feet, which his mother laid on him to protect him from the cold; a five year old struggles to have several chocolates in a single day, a fifteen year old struggles to score and a fifty year old struggles to not struggle.

So the question is, ‘Why should one struggle?’
Some of us will get the answer after this short story...

Once upon a time a son complained to his mother  that his  life was miserable and that he didn’t know how he was going to make it. He was tired of fighting and struggling all the time. It seemed just as one problem was solved, another one soon followed. His  mother  took him  to the kitchen. She filled three pots with water and placed each…

That Saturday

"Not everything will go as we expect in our life. This is why we need to drop expectations, and go with the flow of life."

Life is all about planning. That's what most of us think.

Have we not been involved in making plans from the very first day? Plans for the way our life must head forward and many things to 'live happily ever after' story.
Just imagine how boring will be life if we know everything about how things will turn out even before experiencing them.

However things don't go always as we planned them to! Life is unpredictable. It often puts you in circumstances that we have never thought of. And then, the unfulfilled plans and expectations from life leave us disappointed.

But, have we ever realised that it is often the 'unplanned' things in life that bring the real fun?

Let's see it through our story. The story of US- the five : Anirban, Surajit, Rashmi, Priya and I.

4th, March 2017

An usual Saturday with an unusual weather. Its 4pm. We…

Do I belong here??

On an especially tiring Thursday evening on the way home, while I was walking silently towards auto stand under the sky lit with a crescent moon, I suddenly noticed the aroma of cardamom-ginger tea drifting towards me. It was both surprising and weird.

What here is supposed to smell like tea?
Curious, I began searching for source and soon discovered that nested in the corner of the street was a small dirty stall that sold the much-hyped ‘Ela-chi Chai’.

The scent didn't bothered me much. It felt too out of place in that setting.

“Oh, you simplistic piece of beauty, you don't belong here. You belong to cups in the homes of lonely hearts who have won and lost. You belong to the 2 am desk of a writer who is tired to organize his thoughts. You belong to the blank head of a helpless student how he'll get through next semester alive. You belong to the dark evenings of memories and nostalgia. You belong to stained tables and unending conversation of friends. But however hard they…

All I Need

Every time, I sit beneath the sheath of the sky, I let my thoughts seep into the cavity of my heart.

I wish someone would bring me a blank paper, a pen and my fantasy and I would write....

But what gradually nuzzles my neck and embrace my body is the feeling of -LONELINESS..
He rules as a majestic king while I sit helpless.
Like a wind pushing every door which I am trying to shut, and blowing the peace away.

I wish someone would come and sit by and say ‘What's up ??’

But I am sitting with a group of pretty faces and beautiful hearts who are laughing altogether on a joke. I know I got the joke , but I don't laugh as if some monster is holding my jaw. I know every face around me but they look like strangers.

Well, sometimes I want to sit beneath the trees in the forest of solitude. But sometime I want to be like leaf who doesn't cling alone.

Sometimes, I don't want to be alone. Sometime, I want a friend  to keep a hand on my shoulders to bring me back into the reali…

"Stagnant Life" - Something I'm moving out of..

Life – A beautiful journey overall.
In the journey of life, there are times when we are motivated and stimulated up to get our goals and in the process we grow and excel.
Then, there are times when we simply stagnate. We feel uninspired and unmotivated.
We keep delaying our plans. We may have deadline of anything appearing in vague form to us. However instead of doing our work, we are annoyingly petty with miscellaneous things like checking email, social media, watching videos and surfing whatsoever.
We know we should be working, but we just don't feel like doing anything. We all are familiar with this delaying phenomenon. But while delaying we squander our free time and put off important tasks we should be doing them till its too late. And indeed when it is too late, we panic and wish we got started earlier.
In the process of stagnation we get into a pattern of behaviour that has become dull and unproductive but it is hard to change.
Have we got into this before?? Or are we in …

Yes, I am Fine.

"How are you?" I heard the voice ripping through my brain tissues, bouncing against my ribs and my lungs and my eyes and it all feels like a thunderstorm.
Do you really want to know how am I?
Well, I am a mess. Yes, a wondrously melancholic, soul-sucked mess. My days are day dreams merely and nights are totally sleepless. I am tired.
I know I am tired...
No, not for the lack of rest, or bod fatigue, or something that people usually complain about. It is something more profound, something that has succeeded in peeling the layers of mine and conquering every small things that makes me, ME.
It is something that has seeped into the pores of my heart and my eyes, making them accumulate dust and cobwebs.
It is something so intricately wove that no matter how many times I have tried to unravel the knitting, I couldn't.
I just couldn't.
I know I am tired...
Tired of nothing in particular and everything in general.
Tired of noises that pierce my ears when I sit in silence. T…

8 Kilometres Approx.

8 Kilometres Approx."You look so beautiful when you are lost. you walk on the road with your hands in your pocket, no set of ear phones distracting you, no smartphone making  smarter, o mercilessly popping up notifications. You look so serene in your solidarity. as you walk by me and sit by the pavement, I smile. As I sit on the mildly wet pavement enjoying my tea, I imagine what your thoughts might be. What is that might be troubling you? Are you thinking about the person who broke promise and didn't turn up?  I am there for you" - This could be something if I was writing a Romantic story or something.. But.. No. Its impossible.  A romantic story is just no possible for me. No matter how many silly love songs I played, I just could not manage  a sappy old- fashioned romance story. Why? To be honest I just feel silly writing it. There are children starving, families without roof above their heads. Oh! yet wait I am not going to write those topics too..  I am too lazy writing.