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AMMUSo, I call my mother.
People call their mother by many names.
Maa,Mummy,Mom,Mai,Mata,Ammi,Aai,Mamma,Amma and many more.
For everyone their mother is a special person whose place cannot be replaced by other in our hearts.
So my Ammu is to me.

My Ammu is my special person.
My true lover.
My friend.
My guide.
My teacher,
My world.

My Ammu is like true nature who knows only to give, not taking anything back in return.
I know I see my Ammu  from the very first moment of my life when I opened my eyes in this world.
Even felt her nine months before in her womb.

She is the first of everything, my first love, first teacher and first friend in this world.
when I was born I was nothing, and unable to any thing however it is she who made me grown and develop in her arms.She makes me able to understand and  to do anything in this world.

No one can care and love me like she does and no one can sacrifice everything like her.
She wakes me up in the early morning very politely, prepares breakfast.
She waits for me …


Life; a simple English word of four alphabets.  Though have a very complex meaning according to many people. Life is a life which is simple in living with a high level of thinking.

Let me start finding some meaning and definition of LIFE. First of all let me start denoting the alphabets of the word LIFE to some others words. L- LIVE,      LOVE,LAUGH,LIKE,LEAD,LEARN,LITTLE,LAST

Now, lets starts writing some sentences having a meaning related to LIFE. Live life to the fullest with love for the family and friends and even foes. Have fun, laugh and enjoy, inspire and leads others and make them learn to create a new way of life with an interest to last till end. Fight for the right. Try to like and love your own way of living. Learn to laugh at yourself. Find happiness in little. Find the real you.

Oh! seems written  five to six sentences... And by chance all have meaning...
Now we can say that the word 'LIFE' i…