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8 Kilometres Approx.

8 Kilometres Approx."You look so beautiful when you are lost. you walk on the road with your hands in your pocket, no set of ear phones distracting you, no smartphone making  smarter, o mercilessly popping up notifications. You look so serene in your solidarity. as you walk by me and sit by the pavement, I smile. As I sit on the mildly wet pavement enjoying my tea, I imagine what your thoughts might be. What is that might be troubling you? Are you thinking about the person who broke promise and didn't turn up?  I am there for you" - This could be something if I was writing a Romantic story or something.. But.. No. Its impossible.  A romantic story is just no possible for me. No matter how many silly love songs I played, I just could not manage  a sappy old- fashioned romance story. Why? To be honest I just feel silly writing it. There are children starving, families without roof above their heads. Oh! yet wait I am not going to write those topics too..  I am too lazy writing.