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"Not everything will go as we expect in our life. This is why we need to drop expectations, and go with the flow of life."

Life is all about planning. That's what most of us think.

Have we not been involved in making plans from the very first day? Plans for the way our life must head forward and many things to 'live happily ever after' story.
Just imagine how boring will be life if we know everything about how things will turn out even before experiencing them.

However things don't go always as we planned them to! Life is unpredictable. It often puts you in circumstances that we have never thought of. And then, the unfulfilled plans and expectations from life leave us disappointed.

But, have we ever realised that it is often the 'unplanned' things in life that bring the real fun?

Let's see it through our story. The story of US- the five : Anirban, Surajit, Rashmi, Priya and I.

4th, March 2017

An usual Saturday with an unusual weather. Its 4pm. We all set out for a walk. We were like “ Let's go where our feet would take us”.

Still not decided where to go, Surajit soon showed us a way. ‘Let's explore that’. And we all were OK. We walked all along together starting from our University.

I, as usual annoying them with my PJs. We don't know where we were walking to, but we all walked discussing something , which I hardly can remember now.

We walked through enjoying the nature.
On the way, we saw a wedding ceremony going on. Rashmi said ‘ Lets go and have food. We will say that we are doing a survey on food served in the weddings”.

We all with a laughter continued walking.
We were soon in the middle of beautiful woods. We took pictures and continued walking not knowing where we. Still we continued, and all that meant was being together enjoying the time and the nature. And soon came the divergence of the road into two. And we all kept walking on the left.
The sun was about to set. The birds are flying to the nests. And the sky was becoming dark with clouds.
Soon we saw a passer-by and asked ‘Where this road led to?’ He replied its a dead-end and the Indo-Bangla border nearby.
We all felt energetic and were curious to walk to the border.
We continued our walk through the fields. We could see the sun settling down. And we saw planes flying over our heads. It was all-like the most refreshing experience we ever had.
It was dark soon. The half-moon was on the cloudy sky and few stars were shining.
We walked through in the desire of  going to the country border.
Soon, the border lights were on, which raised our eagerness more.
We walked towards and saw a road on which vehicles were passing by with their headlights on.
We guessed it as a border road. And our only mission then was to reach the road.
But the walk became more interesting in this part when we came to know that we have to cross a rivulet to go to the road. We started to find a way and soon discovered a bridge.

A bridge – twelve feet long I guess , made up of three bamboos and a bamboo as a support to cross.

But it was not an easy task as we had risk of falling into the muddy water six feet below. There was nothing to do,  but to walk the walk or else we had to go all the way round back again.
Surajit and I crossed the rivulet soon. And then Rashmi crossed. For Priya it was a difficult task though she crossed it and finally Anirban did it.
We were on the road soon. The feeling was awesome as if we have won a war.
 We then stopped and  asked a passer-by “ where we are?” He replied that we were somewhere between a place know Fultali and Ishaan Chandra Nagar.
We then noticed that  border was still far away and it was almost 7pm. So, we skipped our thought about going to border that day itself. We all then walked along as if we have achieved something which means a lot. We all were happy and joy could be seen clearly on our faces, though tired. Still we walked to Ishaan Chandra Nagar and, had some snacks and tea and thus we ended our journey of full of memories to be cherished forever.

Usually, when an unplanned things comes to life, it is quite short lived but it is almost always certain that excitement never dies while we are at it.

The experience was raw as it was unplanned and spontaneous, and the journey and the events that happened during that time that have become wonderful memories we can relive over and over.

The memory will never fades and the adventure will never get old.

“ When  we release expectations we are free to enjoy things for what they are, instead of what you think they should be”.

(Messed up with the story a little. Sorry, not so good at story writing.)

Thank you dear reader for reading.

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