The Gift

It was 6th June 2003. Sushant and  Anjali were on the couch placed over the balcony, looking at the red sky of the setting sun, birds flying to their homes and the rustling of the leaves.
Anjali was listening to his heartbeat that was thundering in a mile. Breaking the silence of the atmosphere, Anjali asked , Dr. Sahab , what are you thinking about?? Sushant said , we are going to have our baby soon. We should think of names and this time pretty seriously. They started thinking of names but ended with laughter.
Sun set down. Stars came. It was seven o' clock. then Priya, their six years daughter came and said Maa, I am hungry. come on Let's have our dinner. Then, they all proceeded toward dinning room.
Rupali, Anjali's younger sister, served the dinner. They all were having their dinner. Rupali, suddenly, Didi have you decided any name this time? or I have to think again. Anjali replied you only decide, I and your Jiju are not able not decide. Priya then excitedly can i keep the name?? Can I keep the Name?? Sushnant  replied okay dear.. Priya thinking making Hmm sound.. Suddenly said RIYA, that's my name without P.  They all laughed and agreed. Rupali then asked what if a baby boy??Sushant suddenly  said RIYAANSH. Anjali looked at Sushant and said , Wow!! You finally decided a name.Soon , the dinner was over and name deciding chapter came to an end.
After few days that is 12th June 2003, all were in the waiting room waiting for the Nurse for the news.Nurse came and with a smile said Dr. Sharma Congrats, A little princess came to your family.
Priya was so, excited she asked Nurse Aunt, Nurse Aunt!! when will I be able to see my sister??
She said, in an hour. After an hour they all went in to see her. 3 days later she was discharged.
After, the Rupali also asked farewell to them and said she will visit frequently.

Years passed. Little Riya was now five years old. It was a rainy day. Both the sisters were playing. and Riya suddenly threw a ball out of the veranda. Priya went after the ball which crossed the gate and was rolling down the sloppy road. Suddenly a car came from the blind curve and hit her. Soon she was sent to hospital.
Dr. Sharma was the in-charge of the emergency section there. But, he couldn't save her. she had her last breath on her father's hand.
After few hours, Dr. Sharma went home. Anjali and Riya didn't know. They thought Priya was at Mrs. Das. residence, their neighbor. Sushant called every one done. They saw they body and broke down. he tried to condole them. He informed all his relatives. and funeral was over next day.
Years passed and it was 12th June 2016. It was Riya's 13th birthday. Music was loud and all were talking and enjoying the party. Then Dr. Sharma stopped the music and asked everyone attention. He said there is a surprise for everyone especially Riya and Anjali.  He started; August 16,2008 , I lost my beloved daughter , my little doll, my baby, Priya.. that day only. Suhana, the only daughter of renowned business woman Rehana ji, had her 3rd heart transplant operation. Suhana, had her eyes lost in an accident where Rehana ji lost his husband Mr. Khan.  Suhana had congenital heart disease and had two more operation before but couldn't find a perfect match of heart. Her third operation was successful. Even the cornea of her eyes were changed six days later. I came to know about this last year from Dr. Ishant at Khan charitable Hospital Opening. He thanked me for the organs that I sent and introduced me to Rehana ji and her daughter Suhana. I invited Suhana as a gift to my daughter.
He said, Priya's eyes are seeing us, and her heart is beating in this room.  They all were shocked. He then said the heart and the eyes are of my daughter I sent that day to Dr. Ishant.  He was in tears. his voice shuttered. Anjali and Riya hugged him. Riya and Suhana hugged each other too. All slowly left the party except Suhana and her Mother. They promised to settle near by soon so that they can be in touch forever.

What can be more valuable gift from a father then  a daughter's beating heart to another daughter on her birthday??

The End

( All the characters an events are purely fictitious. they are just imagination of my small brain. any resemblance to person living or dead , is purely coincidental.)

Hope you liked reading it. there may be grammatical mistakes.. sorry for that...

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