8 Kilometres Approx.

8 Kilometres Approx.

"You look so beautiful when you are lost. you walk on the road with your hands in your pocket, no set of ear phones distracting you, no smartphone making  smarter, o mercilessly popping up notifications. You look so serene in your solidarity. as you walk by me and sit by the pavement, I smile. As I sit on the mildly wet pavement enjoying my tea, I imagine what your thoughts might be.
What is that might be troubling you? Are you thinking about the person who broke promise and didn't turn up?
 I am there for you"
- This could be something if I was writing a Romantic story or something..
But.. No. Its impossible.
 A romantic story is just no possible for me. No matter how many silly love songs I played, I just could not manage  a sappy old- fashioned romance story.
To be honest I just feel silly writing it.
There are children starving, families without roof above their heads. Oh! yet wait I am not going to write those topics too..
 I am too lazy writing.

But, sometime I express myself by writing and drawing. I may not speak to a person face to face but virtually I would Like to speak.. Actually Listen more.

Blogging is something which I do but even lazy doing that too.
But I got some really good friends and really love spending time with them.Chatting, gossiping, hanging out  is what I always wanna do...

Wait.. I am going off topic.

But actual fact is from December, 2016 I was searching for something to write my next blog post. though still like a kindergarten student in writing something creative but I love doing it , whatever foolish or crappy things i write.

January 20. 2017 finally I got something I would write on...

January 20, 2017

The sky's hue slowly darken as the sun set. A there was a chilly evening and all street lights were on.
 I was on the way to friend"s rented house for a night out, waiting for vehicles  for travelling that distance. And after few minutes of wait a jeep was there. and here the story begins..
this is all about me and a complete stranger.

 As I got on the Rear back seat of the jeep.  I saw a girl  and a feeble lady rushing towards the jeep to get up. Oh, the feeble lady was her grandmother I guess. I called the driver to stop and they were then able to get up.
 Though there was room for four persons on the two rear back seats. But , in our loving adjusting TRIPURA, we all smiled and six people adjusted in the back.

 Isat between a complete stranger man and the grandmother. And now for the first time in my life I saw a beauty who just made my heart melt.
She sat facing out and in the moving and skipping street lights she looked more beautiful.

She was in a red sweater with large buttons and a beautiful musky red silk saree.
 I guess she might have returned from a school function.
But main thing is I could skip my eyes from her. 
Her skin seemed creamed milk to me.
Her cheeks were like petals of rose and lips were red like beautiful buds just to bloom.
Her eyes were something I would like to drown in.
Her eyes were like rarest of the stars which shine in million years.
Her eyes seemed waiting for someone.
But those are the beautiful eyes which I never saw earlier.

She was super cute, I would say.
Her face seemed like cotton candy full of sweetness.
Her ears looked graced with thin ear rings.
Her hairs were silky and shined even in the skipping lights.

She was like a fairy of  a dream , whom i would like to admire forever.
I want to die looking in those eyes.
Her face just hell like a bomb giving peace to me.

And I continued admiring.
And thus time came  I had to get down.
Hence , the silence was broken by me calling STOP.
 And here was the end of  the most beautiful journey which was eight kilometres approx.

 But, I still have the memories of the quiet little and beautiful Journey with the most beautiful Stranger.
Memories which I will never forget. I wish i could never take eyes off  you and you sit still in front of me.
 I wish the journey to be everlasting. But, reality is it ended.
I wish I would appreciate your grace and beauty.
I wish I would say some words.
 But still the joy of having your quiet presence was the best of memories I had felt till date.

Today, I sit alone and all seemed a flash.
Thank God!! I got down, else I would end falling for you.

But, I wish , I could say ;  You are gorgeous : You Have looks to die for! I Think you are super cute! you make my heart melt.

So, I take this moment to say that I miss you sitting so close to you, tracing your face and looking at you with eyes and heart full of love. all that I wrote , this is just because of you, who became an inspiration for my love of writing.

And , yet, I have to let you go...

Anyway readers I will be back soon with my next..

And SORRY if my writing turned out something romantic and I am not so good with grammar sorry for grammatical mistakes if any.




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