All I Need

Every time, I sit beneath the sheath of the sky, I let my thoughts seep into the cavity of my heart.

I wish someone would bring me a blank paper, a pen and my fantasy and I would write....

But what gradually nuzzles my neck and embrace my body is the feeling of -LONELINESS..
He rules as a majestic king while I sit helpless.
Like a wind pushing every door which I am trying to shut, and blowing the peace away.

I wish someone would come and sit by and say ‘What's up ??’

But I am sitting with a group of pretty faces and beautiful hearts who are laughing altogether on a joke. I know I got the joke , but I don't laugh as if some monster is holding my jaw. I know every face around me but they look like strangers.

Well, sometimes I want to sit beneath the trees in the forest of solitude. But sometime I want to be like leaf who doesn't cling alone.

Sometimes, I don't want to be alone. Sometime, I want a friend  to keep a hand on my shoulders to bring me back into the reality while I lose myself in the mist of loneliness.

But, sometime I want someone to love me more than anything in this world and then break my heart and push me to the forest of solitude, where I with little more imagination and a beautiful dream to live for, would write something to be commemorated  through ages.

And yet, if she feels the need to ask me why? I would have replied I chose to become a writer and will write a sonnet for you.

But , all I need is a blank page, a pen, a little inspiration and my fantasy...

Thank you dear reader for reading upto this end.
Kept pretty small this time.
Will be back soon with my next.
Stay tuned.

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Thank You.