Yes, I am Fine.

"How are you?"

I heard the voice ripping through my brain tissues, bouncing against my ribs and my lungs and my eyes and it all feels like a thunderstorm.

Do you really want to know how am I?

Well, I am a mess. Yes, a wondrously melancholic, soul-sucked mess. My days are day dreams merely and nights are totally sleepless. I am tired.

I know I am tired...

No, not for the lack of rest, or bod fatigue, or something that people usually complain about.
It is something more profound, something that has succeeded in peeling the layers of mine and conquering every small things that makes me, ME.

It is something that has seeped into the pores of my heart and my eyes, making them accumulate dust and cobwebs.

It is something so intricately wove that no matter how many times I have tried to unravel the knitting, I couldn't.

I just couldn't.

I know I am tired...

Tired of nothing in particular and everything in general.

Tired of noises that pierce my ears when I sit in silence. Tired of longing for a thing that I don't know the name of. Tired of giving my hundred percent and what I get in return is this percent, alas! with a zero less. Tired of dying a hundred times in hope of living a better tomorrow. Tired of explaining myself and not being understood. Tired of people asking the much loathed question- " How are you?", and tired of answering, "I am fine!"

But, I know I am not fine.

I know I am tired.
Tired of life, tired of waiting for life to get tired.

I know I am tired.
But, I lie.

The lies I tell don't evaporate when they lift off my tongue.

Yes, this is me. A liar, a tired colossal mess. A raging shit storm of emotions.
I wish I was better and you could hear my thoughts this moment.

" Hey, where are you lost? I asked you how you were"

And, I replied with a lie rushing like a blood in cheeks, bringing the existence of a smile,

-"Yes, I am Fine, Thank You."

And I know there are many singing the same words in the same tone and they are tired too and from now many will be.

Anyway readers I will be back soon with my next..

And SORRY, I am not so good with grammar. Sorry for grammatical mistakes if any.




  1. Hey bro, just read ur blog... ya.. i could relate myself to ur situation of fatigue and tiredness... but mine is lot more physical rather than mental as u know our daily schedule doesn't permit us to have ample physical rest.but at the end of the day when I find that I'm satisfied qith what I'm doing, then all my tiredness comes justified.. I could feel mental fatigue like u whn i was studying in science stream and was a medical aspirant, as English Literature was my dream stream. I think u r not in the path which makes u reacg ur passion....ur dream.... introspection may help u get a satisfactory answer... ur words are brilliant... they touched my heart....

    Best regards brother.....

    1. Thank you for your words... Nothing to say more... ☺☺

  2. Even I am going through the same situation that's why when any one asks me "HOW ARE YOU??"
    Aasi ekrokom baiccha..


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