Night Owl

Yesterday, I realized something a kid who was a early lark long back is now a night owl.

And below are some words from my pad, which I wrote burning the midnight oil..

Long before, I guess I was not a night owl.
I was just a kid then.. I guess 10 pm was the time enter the world of dreams..
We had to have our dinner by 8 pm then.. And we all were ready to sleep.
Before sleep me and my younger brother used to quarrel to sleep over the window side.
Yeah window side…
Actually our bed was placed near the window, we used to quarrel to gaze on  the stars and sleep listening the stories told by our lovely Ammu and Baabu..
And those are the days I  really miss the most..
By the way Thank to Almighty, TECHNOLOGIES DIDN’T RULE OUR CHILDHOOD……..
But, Today technology took over everything in our lives.. and as a result most of us became a night owl.
I often skip breakfast, and  always rush in the morning.
And I became a regular one who burns the midnight oil..
Tough thanks to technology I became night owl who does nothing but just scrolls and taps..
Sometimes rather than tapping and scrolling 
I do write and draw…
And that’s really a good outcome of burning the midnight oil as a night owl…
Actually its already 3 am..  let me stop writing…
And that’s all I wrote..
and to share this is a piece below, which I drew last night before writing all these..
Just a Mermaid...
By the way,
We’ve all heard the term “the early bird catches the worm.”
Whilst it may be true that those who get up early have a jump start on the day before others are even out of bed,
 it’s been proven that night owls, or the people who prefer to stay up late and work into the night, are probably more intelligent.
Guess you are a night owl too.
Thank You for reading..
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