The Timer Challenge

Whenever I sit down to write something I get totally stuck at a point.

It is really hard to think of what to write about.

So, this time I took a challenge: The Timer Challenge. 
The challenge was to set down to your timer for five minutes and just write.

This time I finally succeeded to write, as I was not worried of making any sense in my words or being perfect. I realized penning something that makes sense and making it perfect leads me to procrastination. I realized real problem comes in when I don’t even want to write because making perfect is too daunting.

The challenge resulted into a little piece of writing on the random thing that gives me hope and inspiration.
 It’s about the thing that shines in the vast sky: Stars.
And the here is the piece of writing.


I hope to shine like a star in the sky,

 through the times full of darkness.

I know I have to travel afar,

No matter what, pushed or stepped,

as like stars don’t shatter in thunderstorms,
 they fight against the roaring and darkening clouds with their lighting swords and they keeping shattering them with their impressive power.

I hope to be kind and sacrificing like the stars.

As stars I know are the gems of the night 
and the warriors of the universe
and sometime they too fall off,
 granting a wish or remitting a curse.

And that’s all that I wrote in five minutes.
I found some words actually make some sense.
And at the end I am actually happy I wrote something in without any worries.

Folks, Thanks for reading.

You too take the challenge and write anything about anything and comment below.

Share your ideas and suggestions with me in the comment section, so that I can improvise.

Thank You.